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Fennville High School
Mental Health Awareness Week at Fennville High School!
Belding High School
Check out this bulletin board at Belding High School. What a great reminder to all students of the be nice Action Plan!!
Belding HS Bulletin Board.jpg
Orchard View Middle School
Orchard View MS goes virtual with the be nice. pledge!
The pledge reads: 
I pledge to notice what is good, what is right and when someone needs a friend. I pledge to invite myself to reach out, to make a new friend. I pledge to challenge others to be kind, respectful and civil. I pledge to empower others through my support, my words and my friendship. be nice.!
Orchard View MS pledge.jpg
Notre Dame Preparatory
Check out this awesome bulletin board Notre Dame Prep leadership students put up in the hallway. A great activity to engage and empower others to notice what is good!!
bulletin board.png
Notre Dame Preparatory
Notre Dame Prep - 1.PNG
Notre Dame Prep - 3.PNG
Notre Dame Prep - 2.PNG
ACT OF KINDNESS - Students from Notre Dame Prep left thank you notes and candy canes on employees cars at Troy Beaumont Hospital!
White Cloud
Junior High
White Cloud Junior High students wrote positive messages on sticky notes and filled the lockers with positivity!
White Cloud 
Junior High
WCJH - 4.jpg
WCJH - 3.jpg
WCJH - 2.jpg
During the month of January the students came up with one word resolutions for 2020 and we posted them in the hallway!
Bulletin Board - 1 - 3.jpg
Bulletin Board - 1 - 2.jpg
Bulletin Board - 1.jpg

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