Learn the be nice. Action Plan & Take the Pledge

be nice. is more than a phrase. It's an Action Plan! 

Learn what it means to notice, invite, challenge, and empower.


Share the videos below with your staff and students so they can learn

each step of the Action Plan. Once they have a good idea of what it means

to be nice., take the pledge!



Bonus quizzes included at the bottom of the page to recap or refresh

students on the be nice. Action Plan. 

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge to be nice. in your community!
You can find this 10-question quiz on our website at https://www.benice.org/take-the-pledge
Encourage students to include the school abbreviation with their last name so we can keep track of how many students from your school have taken the pledge! For example: Jessica Jones GHS

be nice. Quizzes

Test the students' knowledge on the be nice. Action Plan.
Each quiz is designed to complement the videos above. You can find the MH Facts video under the LAUNCH tab > Mental Health Resources.